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How It Works

The process to rebuilding your credit is easier than ever!



Complete our short signup form on our website and follow our easy instructions on getting started. An onboarding specialist will be reaching out to you to walk you through the process.


Analyze and Prepare

After receiving your credit reports we analyze line-by-line your disputable items. We also provide rebuilding tips and custom score optimization tactics.


Dispute Process

We will battle for you and dispute the inaccuracies with the credit bureaus. We will automatically issue tailored re-disputes made to increase the likelihood of getting the desired result if the disputed items are not fixed.

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About Debt Disputers

Premier Credit Restoration Service

We provide credit education, restoration, and tips and tricks to help YOU improve your credit score so that YOU can live a more comfortable life. Having a low credit score can prevent you from renting, financing a car or house and even make it harder to get a better job. Debt Disputers will educate you on what credit is, why it’s important and help you dispute any and all inaccuracies on your credit report. 
Our goal at Debt Disputers is for you to be just a short term visitor with us. After getting those inaccuracies off your credit report we will provide you with education to keep you from coming back (Nothing personal, we want the best for you!) Get your free consultation scheduled and let us help get you on the right path to rebuilding your credit!

  • Includes Private & Secure Client Dashboard

  • We Provide Credit Education Tools

  • Stress Free Credit Building


Excellent Credit = Excellent Life

Buy Your Dream Car

By correcting your credit inaccuracies, you can significantly raise your chances of being approved for an auto loan.

Buy Your Dream Home

Avoid letting errors on your credit report keep you from purchasing the house of your dreams.

Get Your Dream Job

Before hiring you, potential employers might do a credit check; maintain a strong credit history to keep your opportunities open.

Achieve Financial Freedom

Reduce stress and overwhelm by achieving your intended financial objectives more quickly and easily than you anticipated.

Better Interest Rates

Increase your credit score to decrease your interest rates on loans.

Higher Credit Card Approval

Lower interest rates and offers from credit card providers are made available by having a strong credit history and score.

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Expedited Disputing

We have an aggressive dispute cycle of 30-40 days.

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Custom Tailored Letters

Our dispute letters are custom tailored to your situation for optimal results.

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Educational Tools

Once you sign up with us, you have unlimited access to credit educational tools in your secure client portal.

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